Garden Flower Figurines

These fine French Limoges Garden flower boxes are perfect for any collection on any occasion.  The highly detailed flowers come to life in vibrant colors.  Limoges boxes such as roses, pansies, lilies, daises, cute wheelbarrows filled with fruits and vegetables, watering cans, sunflowers, pine cones, orchids, mail boxes, cactus and many.  Great for any occasion these fine French porcelain Limoges boxes.  For the avid flower and garden enthusiast we offer a vast selection of unparalleled Limoges porcelain figurines and trinket boxes. We have beautiful roses and daisies handsomely crafted in lovely array by only the most skilled artists. Collectors will admire the profound dedication that goes into each Limoges box, as they are exquisitely decorated and lovingly adorned. Please use the above link if you do not find the perfect floral Limoges, we will be happy to serve you.

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