Limoges Boxes from Limoges Direct

The Limoges Direct has over 7,000 French Porcelain Figurines in stock to offer you the best price, highest quality and fastest delivery possible. We are the largest authorized Dealer on the web. We sell large volumes throughout the World. Enjoy makers such as Artoria, Rochard, Parry Vieille, Gerard Ribierre, Pierre Arquie, and many others. Most Limoges Boxes are shipped out the next day. We sell the finest Limoges porcelain boxes imported from the country of Limoges France. Our Trinket Box figurines from are available at 25 - 35% suggested retail discount. All of our piece are authentic Limoges from the region of Limoges France. We have a collectible gift for every occasion.  is the authorized dealer for the most exquisite lines, and we guarantee the authenticity and quality of each piece that we carry.  All of our Limoges Boxes have been hand crafted and hand-painted in France. Each has the prestigious Limoges France embellishing marking to show authenticity, and each piece comes in a gift box with a documentation of authenticity. Receiving a Limoges box as a gift is a impressive way to commemorate life's special occasions, and a romantic way to present an engagement ring or love poem. is your finest retailer for Authentic Hand-Painted Hinged French Limoges Boxes. is one of the largest retailers of exquisite French Limoges boxes and offers the most all-encompassing assortment of Limoges Porcelain Figurines  and Trinket Boxes for every occasion possible. All of our Limoges boxes are of the most fine quality and are directly imported from Limoges France.Buy high quality reasonably priced French trinket boxes and porcelain gifts from our store which are all imported from France. We import our Limoges directly from the Heart of Limoges France's top factories and artisans. covers United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan and France.

If you cannot find the piece you are looking for please Email Us More than likely, we have the piece in stock