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Looking for the perfect baby gift? Look no further than our selection of Limoges boxes! These artisanal figurines are not only beautiful, but also make for unique and memorable gifts. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, making each one a true work of art. Whether you're looking for a sweet Elephant for a new baby, or an adorable Pig for a first birthday, we have the perfect Limoges box for every occasion.
Our boxes are also perfect as christening gifts, shower gifts, or just because. Give a gift that will be cherished for years to come with a Limoges box from Limoges Boxes Direct. Is it a boy, or is it a girl??? These fine French porcelain Limoges boxes are all about babies, kids, and maternity. Limoges boxes featuring story book characters, amusement park rides, babies and more baby, pacifiers, blocks, rocking horse, carriage, Cinderella, baby's 1st boxes, and many more! These adorable boxes are perfect for that baby shower or any mother. ur collectable baby Limoges boxes are a heart touching and sweet way to commemorate the memory of a child. One can put special things like baby teeth in them as a keepsake. Our baby Limoges Porcelain Boxes are the perfect gift for parents or for parents to be. The French Gifts will commemorate the precious moment in a parent's life. You can buy child and baby Limoges porcelain boxes as the first keepsake pieces for a child to collect. These collectables can be purchased throughout the years to commemorate their growth and experiences yearly. The detail and artistry found only in authentic French painted porcelain is unsurpassed in all other keepsake collectables. Our Baby Teeth and baby stroller Limoges Boxes are perfect for the discerning gift giver as these pieces are artistically molded into figurines, and artistically hand crafted in the Limoges region of France only by the most dedicated artists. All collectable enthusiasts will delight and adore our baby Limoges boxes and nursery porcelain de Limoges items for display in any fine collection. If the baby Limoges boxes you are looking for is not listed on this website, please click the link above and let us help you find the exact Limoges trinket box you are looking for.

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