Wine & Spirits

It's 5 o'clock somewhere, let the party begin! These fine French porcelain Limoges boxes are perfect for any special occasion. These handcrafted Limoges boxes depict having good times. Limoges boxes made into champagne bottles, wine bottles, corks, champagne flutes, corkscrews, martinis, cigars, cocktails, wine barrels, and many more. Perfect for any occasion or any collection! Our wine and champagne section is unparalleled. Only with Limoges porcelain figurine trinket boxes can one honor the occasions in which we share the spirits of champagne, wine, and beer. We offer a vast selection of whimsical and delicate fine French wine porcelain trinket boxes surely the delight of austere collectors worldwide. Be it corkscrews, Corks, Beer, vodka, Wine or Champagne, each Limoges piece is finely created in the Limoges region with white porcelain made from kaolin, fired by hand and delicately painted in detail to perfection by only the most skilled French artisans. Our sources directly import these special high quality Limoges Box pieces to you. Please use the above link to email us if you cannot locate a desired Limoges. We will be glad to locate it for you.