Let's rock around the clock tonight! These fine French porcelain Limoges boxes are absolutely stunning. Fine crafted limoges boxes made just like the instruments themselves. Limoges boxes featuring pianos, drums, CDs, jukebox, mandolins, harps, saxophones, violins, guitars and many more. Give these as a gift for the music lover in your life, or for yourself. Perfect for any occasion. Our line of limited musical themed Limoges fine porcelain trinket boxes and figurines will entice and enthrall the music lover who adores collectables and gifts. Our miniature masterpieces of musical makers will charm and beguile the serious collector and music enthusiast alike. Our porcelain Limoges hinged figurine boxes are of only the premier eminence complete in meticulous artistry. Each one is as unique as the next and is truly a delicate collectable. Please use the above link to contact us via email if you cannot locate your favorite Limoges.