Purses & Bags

Porcelain Figurine purse collectiblesThis collection of fine French porcelain Limoges boxes are just too cute. Ladies bags and purses, these Limoges boxes detail the fashion accessory every woman must have. Purses and bags Limoges boxes inspired by Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and other luxurious makers. These Limoges boxes are perfect for any collector, collection for any occasion. A purse is the one accessory a proper lady will not be without. Our porcelain French limoges are the collectors delight! We have tiny handbags playfully decorated with delicate floral accents and this will truley delight any high-end porcelain collector. How alluring a porcelain hand-painted miniature purse and bag is, as it is lovingly crafted by the finest French artisans. Please select the above link if you do not see limoges trinket box or figurine you desire so that we may assist you.