Hand-painted Egg Porcelain Figurines Limoges Boxes Faberge

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs. The fine French porcelain eggs Limoges boxes are stunning works of art. Hand painted in the finest detailing of any Limoges boxes, these eggs will be the perfect addition to any collection. Faberge like eggs, adorned with painting of flowers, birds, butterflies, dragon flies, and intricate designs. These will surely strike up a conversation in any collection of fine French porcelain Limoges boxes. We offer a wide variety of Hand crafted limoges boxes and figurines for the discerning conisuerre of collectible gifts. Our large selection of Egg motif trinket boxes are unmatched in quailty and artistry available only through our local exporters. Finding the perfect gift for the discriminating collector is a joy when you browse our lovely collection of parfume eggs and decorative limoges boxes and figurines. Please use the above link if you are unable to locate a desired limoges box. We will be glad to assist you.