Paris France

French French French! Everything French. This category of fine French porcelain Limoges boxes are perfect for any collector or any collection. Limoges boxes are French after all so why not have some pieces for your collection displaying France in all it's beauty. Limoges boxes of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Trimuph, fleur de lys, Moulin Rouge, French Flag, French Francs, French bags, and many more. Thank you for entering to browse our Paris collection of fine porcelain French figurine trinket boxes. These petite Limoges miniature hinged masterpieces are a keepsake every collector can cherish. Eiffel towers are delicately detailed and our venetian canals are all superbly crafted in the graceful artistry of the Limosine region in which French porcelain is renowned for. Our figurines and Limoges Boxes from France are collectable works of art and make a fine gift for the distinct porcelain collector in your life. Unable to locate your favorite Parisian Limoges ? Please click the above link to contact us, and we will assist you in getting the perfect imported gift.