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All aboard!!! We have the perfect train or boat box for your next adventure. Our French porcelain Limoges trinket boxes are made with pride to represent some of history's most fascinating locations, like France and China but we also offer adorable versions that will suit any collector on this list! If you're looking at buying something specifically related travel- themed then be sure not miss out because these pieces can easily take passengers across any ocean whether they were born overseas like me (USA)or live abroad full time like many others); even if it is just around town where traffic may get. We have the most adorable Limoges hinged trinket boxes for your vacation memories. If you cannot locate a desired box, please click above link and browse through our selection of French porcelain figurines depicting monuments or cars from around world locations like Europe & Great Britain !!!!  We've got your travel needs covered with our range of exquisite porcelain boxes. Whether you're looking for a box to house all those memories from Europe or one that will remind us how much we missed out on when traveling through America, there's something perfect available here!

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What better time than now? Get ready because it’s almost impossible not want anything after seeing these adorable pieces created especially by hand and individually painted just like the real deal - only smaller than an individual button (so easy!)